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Each dynamic batch of PGDM aspirants commences the course at IFBS on a positive note. The two-year marathon race takes off in all seriousness from day one. A successful culmination comes after four semesters are successfully conquered. Usually, an excellent campus placement brings a new lease of life. It is an age of globalization in education with the fabulous spread of the media in a student-driven learning atmosphere. Students know that they are going fabulous places, but not without excellence, zeal, and drive. Besides, a great majority of students have already been exposed to the world of work before joining PGDM Program. The institution further refines the work culture philosophy to which they would contribute to the successful study.

PGDM College for Placement in Delhi
The institution trains the mind and the body, the personality, and the spirit to be geared towards successful business and management needs. The fact that the world today runs on business wheels is a motivating factor. In some way or the other, everybody is connected to a range of businesses. It is a long and patient ride through the two-year course. Sensationalism and overnight successes are unheard of. It is often a grueling process of professional management success, like laying the bricks one by one to construct a mammoth skyscraper. Success at the Best PGDM course in Delhi NCR does come after sustained labor! Thought leaders inspire change in the institution as well.

Top PGDM College in Delhi for Placement in Delhi
Every year at inception and at graduation, the institution honors the noble legacy of the founders. They blessed the student culture with the spirit of enterprise, innovation and honed study, research, and work skills. Most of them originated in IIMA and IIT. They continue the same honored traditions that have delivered numerous successful placements. The professional network of links promoted by the alumni is what drives top notch placements across the spectrum. Companies in India and abroad never stop searching for the best students.

Marketing, Finance and HR, International Business and Operations Management are some of the specializations offered, and they attract many regular recruiters! Banking and Financial Services, Hospitality and IT, Manufacturing and Pharmacy, Telecom and Media are some employers who regularly knock on the doors, seeking smart recruits.

Along the way come internships with leading companies that help to groom the management professionals further. The work adventures do come as a relief from the rigorous column that is otherwise the norm. The refreshing world of internship consolidates and reminds of the lifetime of work that waits after leaving the institutional gates. That is the truth about our PGDM Program, a preparation for perhaps decades of labor. Some experience humble beginnings who climb the success ladder after great effort. The lucky, most meritorious students often land lucrative jobs with the big fish in the industry. There is no stopping, once the career has zoomed into the skies.

IFBS shall have the same FOSTIIMA Advantage of PAN IIM-IIT network for its placements

Some of FOSTIIMA’s past placements are listed here:
Bhargav Dhar Bhargav Dhar Gulf Sea Foods CTC: Rs.22.00 Lacs
Abrar Abdullah
Abrar Kadvekar MidCom Group CTC: Rs.16.65 Lacs
Rupak Haldar Rupak Haldar NTS Group CTC: Rs.14.43 Lacs
Rahul Takkar Rahul Takkar Comm. Bank of Dubai CTC: Rs.12.00 Lacs
Aubpreet Aroa Aubpreet Aroa Axis Bank CTC: Rs.8.00 Lacs
Hammad Khan Hammad Khan Axis Bank CTC: Rs.8.00 Lacs
Prashant Sharma Prashant Sharma Axis Bank CTC: Rs.8.00 Lacs
Roshani Batra Roshani Batra Axis Bank CTC: Rs.8.00 Lacs
Eisha Puri Eisha Puri ICICI Bank CTC: Rs.6.50 Lacs
Prateek Samtani Prateek Samtani Infosys CTC: Rs.6.50 Lacs
Akash Mayank Akash Mayank HP CTC: Rs.6.25 Lacs
Rahul Raghuvanshi Rahul Raghuvanshi Havells CTC: Rs.6.00 Lacs
Gaurav Tiwari Gaurav Tiwari SKS Micro Finace CTC: Rs.6.05 Lacs
Pawan Bathla Pawan Bathla VBHC CTC: Rs.6.00 Lacs
Reshu Reshu JARO Education CTC: Rs.5.75 Lacs
Kushal Gaykwad Kushal Gaykwad Danik Bhaskar CTC: Rs.6.00 Lacs
Mugdha Supal Mugdha Supal Kotak Mahindra Bank CTC: Rs.7.00 Lacs
Nischay Chaudhary Nischay Chaudhary Ujjivan Finance CTC: Rs.6.00 Lacs
Risabh Bhardwaj Rishabh Bhardwaj CTC: Rs.5.50 Lacs
Shweta Lakhmani Shweta Lakhmani ICICI Bank CTC: Rs.6.50 Lacs
Sharat Kumar Sharat Kumar Safexpress CTC: Rs.5.00 Lacs

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