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Which Is Better for A Successful Career: MBA Or PGDM And Why?

Students seeking to take admissions in management courses are often faced with a dilemma of making a choice between an MBA and PGDM courses. They need clarity in the difference between the two to arrive at the most appropriate decision that would meet their dreams. If you are studying and searching for an option of whether to go for PGDM course or MBA courses, you should read this blog for the needed clarity.There is a perception that a Diploma course can’t be equal to a Degree course. It is not entirely true. After all IIMS is currently PG Diploma courses. A large number of MBA courses are run by the colleges as part of affiliating university curriculum, except for some, which are the constituent MBA colleges of the Universities. The affiliated MBA colleges are extremely limited by the lack of freedom to bring about changes in the curriculum and its delivery, hold assessment and evaluation and introduce subjects of their choice that deliver on students’ employability. Contrary to this, all PGDM courses in India are run by independent private institutes and have full freedom to innovate and design their courses that deliver on jobs; which is why some of the most successful managers worldwide are the products of top PGDM colleges and prefer PGDM courses in India. Here is how you should choose your Best Management College:

1. Placement Record: Find out the placement record of the institute. It is not difficult to do so. You can find out from the current students studying in the college. They will give you the actual scenario and they rarely tell lies. Finding out from social media interaction could well be flawed with biased reporting and even you can also contact with their alumni and how they do in corporate will definitely helps you in taking decesions Find out the level of companies visiting the campus and the average package. Don’t’ go for one odd case of high package by some student. That won’t be a corrective measure.

2. Quality Faculty: This is perhaps the most important consideration to look at. Be sure that your professors are known and recognised in their domain subject teaching. Top Management Institutes in India accord very high priority to this. They should have been qualified from eminent institutes and must possess good domain knowledge and be popular amongst students for the same.

3. Affiliation: Find out whether the PGDM course is approved by the AICTE or not. Further, whether it is also approved by the Association of Indian Universities or National Board of Accreditation. The latter enables PGDM courses becoming equivalent to the MBA degree.

4. Curriculum: PGM colleges in India have freedom to design their own curriculum, hold their own examinations and lead their own admissions. It gives the needed freedom to adapt some of the global best management practices and embrace new developments without following a lengthy and cumbersome approval process as in the case of MBA colleges. Find out whether the college you are looking at, is indeed forward-looking in adopting changes in teaching-learning, as needed by the ever evolving industry management practices.

5. Fee: The fee depends on the quality an institute provides in its education, be it intellectual capital or infrastructure. You need to find out the fee and see your ability to pay. Per see there is no difference in fee, between the two types of Management courses. The PGDM institutes in Delhi are, however, comparatively costlier than those in its outer periphery. But they also provide the students a much better learning experience than many others. There are however some institutes, such as IFBS in Qutab Institutional Area which provide various scholarship and easy fee options that help students, a great deal.


It matters not so much whether you are doing an MBA or PGDM course. The most critical aspect of selection is which college provides what quality of education and what is its standing and level of perception in the minds of people and the industry. Do carry out detailed study of all institutes on most critical criteria mentioned above and then arrive at the most suitable choice that where you are getting maximum ROI (Return on Investment) in terms of your total expense and average placement you get from the college.

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