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Top Class Management Education at IFBS with IIM Faculty Uncategorized 

Top Class Management Education at IFBS with IIM Faculty

The process of growing up through school and college that together could comprise close to two decades present much heartache. Besides coping up with academic and social requirements, personal problems keep arising. It is a lucky boy or girl who succeeds with flying colors without facing difficult situations at some point or the other. Much of the problem could be carefully handled by teachers and parents who come together for meetings officially or personally to discuss the progress of the student from various parameters.

IMM-Fostima Business School in Delhi has a dedicated faculty

Among the hundreds of business schools scattered across the vastness of India, a few are truly sincere in their attempts to train global business managers who would bring prestige to the institution and the country. IFBS since its foundation has been closely modeled on IIM Ahmedabad. Along with the IIT influence, these two honored traditions provide the intrinsic motivation and drive, the curriculum and the culture of excellence. In the fields of management and technology, the IIMs and IITs in India truly present world class standards and the alumni have made a mark on the global scene. We pray that many more successful graduates from these institutions continue to make the country proud and contribute to national development.

A PGDM like no other

A majority of eager young students nowadays dream of business management careers. The reasons are obvious. For the first time in human history, mega-businesses are stretching their arms across the world in a mighty embrace. MNCs have succeeded in capturing global markets, whether in the fields of electronics, sportswear, hospitality or healthcare, and so much more. Such businesses can only succeed with capable managers who can successfully cope up with multicultural business environments.

The IFBS training is geared towards the development of appropriate knowledge and skills, personality building and industry awareness that would result in dynamic business managers.

The outstanding faculty contribution

Though technology seems to be overtaking humanity nowadays, we traditionally consider that the faculty represents the quality of an institution. The excellence of teaching receives greater importance rather than all the equipment on the campus. While it is true that campus facilities should be keeping up with the times, the first point is the faculty. The senior professors with many degrees and industry experience have always been looked upon as a father figure in the Indian cultural tradition. Every society respects its teachers and it is more so in the Indian system.

The IFBS teachers are particularly approachable, responsive and dynamic when it comes to attending to student concerns. Whether it concerns the syllabus and internship or placement issues, the faculty always plays a leading role. In fact, it is the faculty that makes up a majority of the committees that enable the institution to work from day to day.

Amalgamation of two institutions

IFBS has man models and inspirations because it represents two institutions. IMM was founded by the Late Dr. Jagjit Singh while FOSTIMA has seven founders who belonged to the IIMA 1973 batch. Their names are Palani Kumar, Sunil Kala, Kamal Sharma, Jaithirth Rao, Anil Somani, Rajesh Kaura and Ranjan Sanghi.

Student issues that could arise

The students who join PGDM are graduates and many of them have several years of work experience. In spite of that advanced level of maturity, they are yet inexperienced in some major management areas. Besides, the course is open to graduates in any field and so a vast diversity is seen. Not only have students graduated in a variety of subjects, but also come from different cultures, religions, and languages.

Initially, it is only natural that adjustment problems would be experienced not only in terms of language but customs and traditions too. An orientation program highlights the do’s and don’ts and helps them settle down. Getting adjusted with the national capital Delhi, which is a sprawling metropolis is another concern. Students who come from smaller towns would face some initial adjustment problems.

Except for individual study sessions that become a kind of meditation on study materials, most work involves groups. Whether it is lectures, seminars, workshops and guest lectures, students need to work as part of a group. Depending upon the activity, it might be a group of 3, 10 or 20. Such group work presents no problem because students already have experience of the work culture in their previous jobs, and some in a managerial capacity.

Personal problems

Counselors make sure that students are properly adjusted to perform their best in terms of academic and internship requirements. The building of a portfolio, interview sessions and CV preparation require further skills. Personality building to be able to communicate with confidence is a part of the intensive training provided.

Many students suffer from imaginary problems and seem diffident, particularly at the beginning of the training. It is observed that such personal problems begin to disappear as their dreams are slowly becoming more real as the weeks and months progress. They have come to lay a professional foundation for future careers while some students have not even studied commerce or administration during graduation. The strangeness of studying new subject areas gradually diminishes as they become more aware.

When doubts, problems, issues, arguments, and maladjustment does arise, the concerned faculty is too willing to help reach an amicable solution. It is a known fact that colleges and universities could become hotbeds of violence, but no such thing occurs in this well-managed institution. The IIM and IIT cultures have produced some of the finest candidates who have succeeded very well in top-notch careers.

Students who wish to study in IFBS may look forward to an exciting journey that builds professional confidence. It is a world of updated curriculum and infrastructure. The curriculum that originally was based upon IIMA is regularly reviewed and restructured according to the changing industry requirements. Internship and placement opportunities are among the finest in the industry. The daily and weekly round of academic and skill building activities would result in a professional touch capable of handling global business pressures and making the right informed decisions.

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