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The Importance of Communication Skills in PGDM Curriculum: The IFBS Way

After earning a graduate (either specialized or non-specialized) degree, most have a tendency to apply for PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) program these days. With lots of different available private, deemed, state, and central level universities alongside their affiliated colleges, picking the best from the lot requires extreme research and eye for details. Be that as it may, you can make it straightforward by actually understanding the real meaning of a management degree.

The greater part of the graduates thinks PGDM is simply one more course, which will be like whatever another bland course of academic pertinence we came across before. Truth be told, it’s not only an academic course which teaches us administrative nomenclatures or corporate jargons.The typical PGDM program incorporates different types of soft skills which are so essential for the building of a well-rounded prototype of a true professional. Personality development and communication skills are the key ingredients that can help improve the probability of achieving their professional and personal objectives. In this way, it’s prudent to pick the PGDM College that allocates a substantial portion of the course syllabi to this non-academic aspect that is so vital to corporate success. To tell you the significance, here, we’ve discussed the role of personality development and communication skills in a PGDM program.

Personality Development

Be it a prospective employee meets-up, business introduction with customers or an office presentation with bosses and colleagues, you can’t make progress without impacting others. To make this conceivable, you need great inter and intrapersonal abilities.

The word personality itself looks like the blend of appearance and attributes. It alludes to one’s state of mind, amiability, social graces, readiness to learn, enthusiasm to help other people, conduct, style, promptness, mentality, fearlessness, ability to strike a conversation, and so on. Organizing your body, mindset, and attitude according to the focused market prerequisites lets you articulate confidence that is so fundamental in addressing effectively any public forum. In this way, you have to have an uplifting demeanor, smooth personality, smart dressing sense,  a fit and healthy body that can help you in making an enduring early impression.

Among a great many MBA/PGDM institutions available, just a modest educate the craft of personality development with the most recent techniques of image management.

Communication skills

Communication, the process towards exchanging significant and meaningful information, is not always as simple as it may look. From amicable informal discussions among friends to the expert professional presentation in business forums, it assumes a fundamental part of each phase of our life. Consistently lakhs of management graduates are pursuing PGDM in lieu of chasing their dreams of a bright future.Despite the fact that, most secure high scores in their scholastics, they fail to substantiate themselves in interviews, business presentations or address the impact on any gathering of relevance because of the absence of persuasive communication skills and miss out on circumstances which could have proved groundbreaking for their lives. Despite the fact that you have sound proficient and specialized abilities, the absence of the caliber to impress people in significantly distinguished ranks might be a plausible explanation behind stuck with a mediocre salary. Along these lines, you have to acquire excellent communication abilities to become a successful expert professional in this multifaceted corporate field.

Indeed, even a mistimed facial expression or a misleading statement may convey an undesired message. Primarily, the MBA/PGDM graduates who need to associate with customers, address conferences, speak to a corporate brand or represent it to the world and so on ought to be more aware of fundamental communication skills.

As a corporate wannabe, you need to incorporate communication skills through its tripod components i.e. verbal communication, written communication, and presentation. Verbal abilities which give you a chance to convey the substance all the more productively, writing abilities that empower you to detail the substance effectively and presentation skills that let you structure and outline the general appearance of information in ways that makes the ideal effect on the desired party.

IFBS, New Delhi that is run by the IIM-A alumni is modeled on the IIM culture of delivering top notch management education giving a lot of impetus on grooming a student in a way that they become corporate ready professionals. Unlocking human capital to drive performance is the key element in the whole process of transformation of students at this great institution. Top delivery professionals and the rich network of IIM and IIT alumni network, spread over the globe provides invaluable contribution is making smart professionals from fresh graduates who are all set to take on the corporate challenges.

So it is advisable that alongside the B-School rankings, location, ROI, affiliation status, placement records and input from the former students, you have to check whether the institution’s curriculum modules has the required elements on personality development and communication enhancement.

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