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How the team building concept lifts the specialized course of IFBS Delhi Uncategorized 

How the team building concept lifts the specialized course of IFBS, Delhi

Team building is an innovative concept that is used in modern day’s business. Whatever industry it is or whatever is its access area, a perfect team is must for obtaining a greater goal. IFBS have developed the specialized course that can increase a dramatic feature of the students. The students can pursue confidence to climb the corporate ladder in their career. Marketing, finance and HR courses are focusing the enhancement of team building capabilities. Students should know that team building activities are being executed powerfully in the international market. The proper practice would flatter an employee in his career.

The motif of the syllabus is to build-up the prosperous experts who would serve the best into their career. Full-time PGDM program of IFBS is a compatible course with modern corporate values. The program creates efficient students who would support the growth of an organization. Students of IFBS would pass through four semesters in two years. Every semester covers specific subjects that include fundamental and provocative knowledge on business, marketing, statistics, economics, accounting and others. The human relationship matters a lot in business and management. Therefore, the best faculty of IFBS, Delhi focuses on developing team building skills to learn many tactics of human resource management.

The specialized courses:

If you are looking for the focused specialization of IFBS, then you would get the three key ones.


This is the primary specialization of business management in IFBS, Delhi. Students would be introduced to the marketing management (chapter – I) in their first semester. The international business concepts, understanding humans and organizations, increasing technical skill, market analysis and legal aspects would be highlighted in the first semester of IFBS that would integrate the fundamental and theoretical sense of a student. In the second semester, the learners would evolve more and they would learn the advanced theories and applications. Business research processes, methods of market analysis, strategy management and account management would develop the capability of the student. Marketing management (chapter – II) would give a shape of the marketing qualification. The third semester of IFBS would help the students to understand the history, present and expected future of the rural and urban market of India. A huge syllabus including digital marketing, paper marketing, and other marketing strategies would come under practice. The last semester would teach the most creative knowledge on entire marketing management.


From the first semester of IFBS to the fourth, the students would learn from basic to the most advanced knowledge of finance chronologically. International economy, accounting, micro and macroeconomics in the 1st, advanced Excel and JAVA, Taxation laws, finance management, account management, sales and distribution are in the 2nd, project financing and management, data analysis, security analysis, insurance and risk management, financial service, bank planning, international finance management are in the 3rd and productive analysis, dissertation and advanced financial management are in the 4th semester of the best business management school in Delhi (IFBS). This is the entire scenario that would make a student relevant in the modern corporate field.


It is an important specialization too because human resource management directly pushes the students into the industry. The students have to control a team and direct them towards productivity. IFBS follows international techniques of HR management to create valuable students who would overcome every challenge. Therefore, the syllabus is very focused and fatless in the IFBS institution. 1st semester would start with personality development, quantitative and logical skill and high impact soft skill. In the 2nd human capital management, supply chain management, quantitative and logical skill, and decision science, in the 3rd human resource management, industrial relation and labor laws, consumer behavior, neuroscience, customer relationship and recruitment methods and in the 4th semester learners would complete their course with corporate and social responsibilities, strategic human resource management and HR aesthetics.

Where is team building?

Now, the prime focus is to spread the essence of the team building in the business management study of IFBS. The students have known the names of the chapters in their semesters already. Now, the time is to understand the concepts. Actually, the overall objective of the syllabus is to make the leaders of upcoming business industry. The prosperous faculty of IFBS is including team building projects to clear specific concepts.

In 1st semester:

The students would get an opportunity of “working” together on their campus. Short term projects have to be accomplished by the students of IFBS. During this event, students can apply their high impact soft skills and quantitative and logical skills to make the team professional and focused on the creativity and productivity. Here, the personality of the team member as well as the captain is very important. Personality development skills can be applied to manage the employees. The first step’s motif is to build a strong bonding among the team.

In the 2nd semester:

How to gather required employee, labor and expert for a project and how to spread them in separated divisions? The guides would take you to the field to face difficult challenges. The students have to win several obstacles together. Human capital management and supply chain management skills are being executed at this stage. The motif is to create a human infrastructure for a project.

In the 3rd and 4th semester:

The most advanced challenges will wait at these stages. Students are no more students while they are in the field of 3rd and 4th semester. The experts are saying that students would work as an employee under a guide. Most important skills of human labor management, legal aspects, relationship analysis, customers’ behavior and neuroscience would be applied. The motif is to create a perfect human labor chain by following the aim of an organization. This project would increase the experience of their upcoming career.


Team building events are the place of using marketing skills, financial knowledge and HR strategies. The experts of IFBS are saying that students have to hide their qualification while they are on the field. The tactics of application are quite different and the professors are guiding to teach the ways of dealing. IFBS institution’s syllabus included the team building for creating the best platform of knowledge and application. This teaching method is very relevant in the modern business industry.

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