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Selecting the Best MBA Institute in Delhi For An Accredited MBA Degree

Choosing the best Business School is a complicated question and to answer this complex question adequately, which means arriving at a reasonable conclusion, one must have a lot of information and a sense to critically analyse the same. Students often subscribe to various surveys and rankings, published in magazines, websites and newspapers and they blindly follow these rankings and surveys while making a choice among the available b-schools around them. Having said that it is important for the students and even for the working professionals to check for the legitimacy of these rankings and never trust a single source of information. Without being judgmental about any specific ranking or survey, here in this blog, we will analyse a few parameters that anyone who wants to enroll at the best MBA Institute in Delhi or at any other place in India or abroad should consider.

1) Intellectual Investment – It is unvaryingly the teaching body that makes or breaks an Institute and it is very easy to judge the calibre of the faculty- a few things that would help include – the qualifications, research work, published work, conducting or participation in various executive training programs, interface with the industry and consultancy. Most of the famous and good B-schools maintain a perfect balance of full-time (core) and part-time (visiting) faculty to guarantee a consistent monitoring and coaching for their students during the 2-year period of management program. The part-time faculty counterparts the core faculty by offering practical acquaintance through real time projects and industry contacts.

2) The infrastructure of the Institute – It is true that good and modern infrastructure alone does not add up too much; computers, well-equipped classrooms, library and internet connectivity, digital library, all combine to support the learning process to a great extent. It would be profoundly alluring to visit the B-school campus before making any final decision. To your surprise, many top-notch management schools are short of good hostel facilities for students. It is important to check for these things as well, as these things can not only affect the learning experience, but might call for the unwanted burden on your pocket as well.

3) Reputation and Brand Goodwill – The more seasoned B-schools enjoy an advantage in terms of acceptability and goodwill over the newer ones. Be that as it may, it is important and advantageous for students to carry a brand name on their resume. It is a universal truth that an MBA or a PGDM from a top business school has the capacity to open numerous opportunities for anyone’s career. Because a reputed b-schools are well connected with industry which, helps their students to get good placement after completion of the course.

4) Career consultancy – Give careful consideration to the information on campus placements declared by the B-school both on their website and brochures. The median salary and the average number of jobs offered are two essential factors to consider. Moreover, check about their core management and personal connect with the industry and enquire about their alumni that how they are doing in the industry.

5) Student Intake procedure – B-school learning means group activities. Clearly, if you are surrounded by intelligent students, the overall learning would be rich and awarding. The nature and quality of the student selection process are the sure shot way to determine the student pool at a specific business school.

6) Location – In spite of the fact that geography or location criteria are history in the present Internet age, the reality remains that the B-schools situated in places that are an industrial hub or capital region to enjoy better placement prospects. On this record, PGDM College in Delhi is superior in comparison to B-schools in other cities.

7) Fees –With inflation shrinking our pockets, the fee at top business schools have come out to be another important variable affecting your choice. Many reputed Business schools charge a decent sum for a two-year MBA or PGDM program. It is important to know that these charges do not include the cost of living. But then there is no substitute for a good education and believing in the same, students are offered with affordable bank loans, the repayment for which begins once the student joins his first job. However, I would recommend, instead college fee, we should consider the ROI (Return on Investment). If the ROI is over and above 70% one should consider that college.

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