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How to pick up a Good business school

Top 5 PGDM College in delhi

Study at a leading business school comes after sustained scholastic education and a wealth of practical experience on the job. After that Herculean effort at school, a three-year college course needs to be completed to qualify for the bachelor’s degree. That should be sufficient to qualify for most postgraduate degree programs. Yet joining a PGDM course requires stringent search experience, perhaps in the field of the planned specialization like finance or marketing.

How were the selection of the initial school and degree college done? Perhaps the children of neighbors, friends, colleagues and relatives studied there and recommended the faculty, the facilities, and the ambiance. Maybe the fee structure was not so intimidating. In the PGDM, placements would matter so much because it is a flying start to a hopefully sensational career!

Media rankings and reviews, reputations and placement records

Each year, some renowned websites and even the leading publications publish a list of college rankings. This list is an intense revelation and is based on research on several parameters concerning the universities or colleges. A team of workers goes around, conducts interviews and ranks facilities and staff. While some may think it is an elitist ranking with a lot of string pulling, the list does communicate much of the truth.

Can instincts and gut feelings be trusted?

Certain institutions hold enviable records of accomplishment for generations perhaps. Many students find themselves attracted to certain colleges and universities at a young age. They grow up with the ambition to study at a particular place. The problem is that quality may suffer and reputations may plummet dramatically over the years.

Private colleges rather than government universities have better chances of keeping in tune with social realities. Such adjustment to the needs of the moment is easier at private institutions that maintain the flexibility to change with the times. When tourism and hotel infrastructure went big time, private institutions mushroomed to teach hotel management. On the other hand, government universities would maintain a stronger research and academic foundation that may be many decades old.

Thus, make sure that the much-preferred college is in the news for the right reasons. Does it still hold a mighty reputation? Social media is one of the right places to seek answers nowadays. A single question is raised and a large number of associates may respond. Online reviews often hit upon the truth, though it is usually like a debate, with some people opposed and some supporting.

A visit to the campus

Since options are quite necessary everywhere, select two or three business schools for undergoing the application process. Can decisions be made based on reputations alone? A visit to the college would be required to get a feel of things. A visit to the library, canteen and the hostel perhaps would be enlightening if a two-year course is contemplated. If it is positive vibes being experienced, that should be considered a plus factor. Ragging may not exist, but formalities towards seniors would. Since every applicant for PGDM is already an experienced graduate, good things may be expected. Many foreign students on the campus would be a positive indicator of international exposure of the institutional brand.

If three such preferred campuses are visited, they may generate three sets of dreams! Yet it is all justified since that is the process of luck and chance. A seriousness of purpose would be further confirmed by the application, interview and tension-filled waiting process itself.

The problem of fees and loans

While everything else about the dream business career may fall into place, the source of funding must be carefully analyzed. Are parents or sponsors going to pay those somewhat hefty fees? Is it self-financed with private funds earned from employment before the PGDM? Many students tend to dream about scholarships that may not be forthcoming except in the rarest cases.

Nowadays that the financial scenario has opened up so much, bank loans are available. Loans for a study on easy repayment terms may be availed by those with the determination and the drive. Besides, isn’t it better to study and work more independently than to depend upon parental or sponsor money? It would make students so much more responsible too.

Get the portfolio together

Now is the time to get ready for all the application credentials, several months ahead of the admission application dates. Besides academic records of school and graduation, work experience certificates are very important. Records of extra-curricular activities may turn out to be significant. Since a PGDM is a course that requires adequate work experience, get together all those certificates of workshops and seminars attended too.

Certificates need to be copied and a challenging resume needs to be prepared. The resume at a glance should convince of essentials and present the candidate in a positive light.  Interview and communication skills need to be brushed up, flawlessly dressed, but at ease with a receptive mind.

Location, placements, and international exposure

With the present enormous demand as custodians of development, B-schools will never be in short supply or go out of fashion. India has about 100 Good B-schools! It is usually the urban institutions that are preferred because of proximity to industries and corporations that would require management experts. Such companies would approach nearby B-schools each year to gather a harvest of the best students with big salaries.

Finally, is the institutional network well connected with employers abroad? Placement records of previous years would be available, though some digging for information may be necessary. Make sure those records of placements are all genuine, through research of course!

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