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PGDM- Marketing; Career and Scope

Introduction to PGDM in Marketing

In this modern day, marketing has emerged as one of the most significant integral parts of every business organization. This helps a lot to offer more services to the customers so that the business can gain more. Hence, a huge demand for professionals in this field can also be noticed. Due to such demand, we can observe that PGDM in this field is being preferred by lots of students. Sales and promotion are the heart of every association and with the evolution in know-how, the trend in this area has also got changed.

This part looks after the retailing, promotion of products and research on the presence of rivals in the market and customer support. Consequently, aspirants will get opportunities to learn about the market and its trends, trades, preferences within the consumers, supervision of products, etc.

Courses offered by privates and public institutions

This particular educational program has collaborated with industry experience. The two-year curriculum is available with varied syllabus where aspirants need to pay attention to lots of subjects. Normally during the first year, students need to finish 4 modules. In the second year, learners are required to fully concentrate on that particular subject, on which they want to do specialization. It may be Human Resource or Finance or marketing. The subjects which are included within the course are

  • Research on the market and its trend
  • Tactical planning
  • Study on campaigns and consumer behavior
  • Demand analysis

Other than those, aspirants are also able to enhance their soft-skills like the ability to communicate, analytical power, innovativeness, etc.

Eligibility to get admission

Students need to complete the Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from any recognized university. They should qualify with at least 50 percent marks so that they can sit for CAT, GMAT, XAT, MAT or NMAT, etc.

Why select Marketing study program

There is no doubt that at present this course has become famous among the students due to excellent scope in building a nice career in this field. Well, the reasons for which this educational plan has become famous can be mentioned below.

  • Blend of subjects: this study plan definitely helps learners to gather knowledge on various subjects. They can do specialization in a particular area, but they need to read different subjects.
  • Joining of students from various parts: This is the most exclusive educational plan where students from overseas join to take lessons. Naturally, it builds a huge network of the learners.
  • A diverse career choice: This course helps scholars to have a grasp on different subjects so that later on they can have lots of career opportunities in front of them. After qualifying, they will get employment in the field of marketplace research, product management, and promotion, analysis of customer behavior etc.
  • Huge demand: professionals in this field are always in huge demand and moreover, we can notice an increasing trend of requirements of professionals in this area. It can be said that as long as there is business, the marketers will have a nice career opportunity.
  • Great earning source: Experts in sales and promotions will always be able to earn huge income. They are eligible to get a lucrative pay package at the end of the year.

Those above are certain attributes which should be there within any qualified salesperson.

Essential qualities of marketers

Once a student qualifies as a PGDM in marketing, he or she can definitely flourish well if they possess the following skills within them.

  • Good communication: This is considered to be one of the most significant attributes that every expert should possess. If you can speak well and have the capability to make people understand about the product and services of the organization, then you are definitely going to rule over the marketplace.
  • Excellent writing ability: Besides being a good communicator, every professional always needs to possess excellent writing ability too.
  • Analytical power: Analysis the every aspect of the organization is the vital attribute that a professional should possess. This feature will develop coordination between the employees within the business fields.
  • Knowledge in the computer: Without adequate knowledge in computer, no qualified person can do well in the profession. Hence, in the field of retailing too, specialists are also needed to have advanced computer talent.

Career options and salary:

While you are selecting to settle your profession in the field of sales and promotion, then you should know the areas where you can get huge opportunities. There is no doubt that in this present era, almost all the industries are hiring marketers.  The prestigious positions where these experts can work are

  • Manager is sales and promotion
  • Manager in brand advertising
  • Head in asset management
  • Analyst in trade study
  • Media planner
  • Executive in digital marketing.

Once you get an entry into an industry as a marketer, your starting remuneration can be Rs 40000 per annum. It may reach up to Rs 15 lakhs per annum depending on your performance and self-development within 5-7 years.

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