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PGDM in Human Resources: Career and Scope

Since the theme of Human Resources is universal and applies to every establishment, large and small, many job openings would come your way. With luck, senior posts like Staffing Director, Training and Development Manager and Employee Relations Manager could become a reality after some experience. Recruitment of Human Resources, much of the procedure taking place online, requires a lot of skill. Major companies outsource the recruitment process and thus many online companies have sprung up to find appropriate staff on behalf of establishments. Setting up a Human Resources Consultancy would help render such recruitment services to companies.

The PGDM in Human Resource is a very popular two-year full-time management study program offered by hundreds of educational institutions across the country. It is meant for graduates in any field who also have some years of work experience.  A degree in science, commerce or humanities, engineering, and medicine are all qualified to get admission in PGDM. Only mature, job experienced trainees get to attend PGDM and it is a thoroughly competitive program where the standards are very high. Internships with the better companies during the program and placements at the end of the program for the best trainees come as deserved rewards for hard work, patience, and toil.

The management-based business program provides training relating to HR. How to select workers, according to certain strategies, acquiring talented workers, training and retaining them are some crucial study areas.  Fixing staff salaries according to existing practices is another important aspect. Considering the fact that many mega companies employ thousands of workers, such HR management principles have become very important for the smooth progress of industry.

Some important PGDM specializations

It would be an advantage if a similar subject was studied in the graduation with work experience accordingly. In recent times, Finance and Banking have become the most sought after PGDM specialization. International Business Management, Marketing, and Operations Management are also much in demand. Media and IT, hospital and textiles, fashion technology and petroleum are some of the lucrative management fields of PGDM specialization. Biotechnology and Telecom are some recent additions.

By human resources, we mean managing human beings

The challenging course requires constant interaction with people. Those who are interested in working closely with people would find the action stimulating. A multicultural environment like a cosmopolitan city would suit the needs of human resources with diverse cultures, languages, and religions. Every medium and large company maintains a Human Resource department or section that is in charge of staff selection and their management. A patient and sympathetic approach towards people would be needed to succeed. Strong business skills of communication and leadership would be an advantage. A smart personality attracts people and earns cooperation. A human resource person should be concerned and helpful, fond of teamwork and capable of making quick decisions.

What does the specialization teach?

The foundations of human resource management are taught initially. Communication skills and organizational behavior are also taught in the beginning. Industry experience through an internship program comes later, along with human resource application processes. Important modules concern labor laws and how to negotiate with trade unions. Training and development of HR, intercultural management, and employee relationship management are some other key study areas.

Examination papers could be named like the following:

  • Employee retention and motivation
  • Labor legislation
  • Industrial laws
  • Labor welfare and social security
  • Staff training and development
  • Recruitment
  • Employee compensation and benefits

It was in 1913 that the first formal study of human resources began as a college subject in England. With industrialization, the demand for skilled and qualified workers has spread throughout the world, especially in the industrial countries. Many well-paid jobs exist in this field, both in India and abroad. We often hear of lockouts and strikes in factories that employ a large number of workers. Management of workers and finding solutions for their problems are some duties of HR staff. Maintaining worker performance and awarding incentives are among the duties. Salaries, training, and development are also important duties of HR staff.

Labor and company laws matter and must be adhered to. Jobs in educational institutions, corporations and MNCs are available besides the hospitals and the hospitality industry.

What are some HR job designations like?

A Director of HR Training and Development is a very senior position that would require many years of experience to reach. Such a Director organizes training sessions that would increase company productivity.

An Employee Relations Manager works to maintain good relations between company workers and trade unions.

A Compensation Manager decides payments for workers, according to prevailing laws.

A Staffing Director and Technical Recruiter are responsible for the very important duty of selecting workers for the company. Promotions, transfers, and training opportunities are decided by such HR staff.

At IFBS we offer a specialization in Human Resource for the prospective students and they get hands-on experience with the best faculty around. The average salary package for HR pass outs has been around 6 lakhs per annum making IFBS as one of the best PGDM Colleges in Delhi NCR.

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