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MBA Vs M.Tech – the right choice?

Studying a master’s program with a regular job is labouring, but then the rewards are worth the labour. This might become your real-life scenario, if you are an engineer and is ready to pursue an M.Tech or MBA that too from one of the Top MBA Institutes in India. Doing this might give you fatigue for a few years, but this will add to your qualification and will give that much needed boost to your career. However, for almost all, deciding between M.Tech and MBA is a grisly task.

M.Tech Vs MBA

To begin with, understand one thing – there is no point finding a comparison between M.Tech and MBA, both are acknowledged disciplines and have respective values in the market. Both provide excellent career opportunities and experience, knowledge and seniority to a candidate.

Regardless of the industry – IT, manufacturing, R&D or banking, there would be senior positions available for both M.Techs and MBAs. The difference lies in the fact that – M.Tech would be more of subject matter specialist and the MBA would manage sales, product marketing, project management, HR, IT, Consulting or Customer services.

The Choice Is Yours

What should be the criteria for choosing between M.Tech or MBA? Well, a candidate should make this choice depending upon his career goals, capabilities and interests. If he wants to excel in the technical field, then he should go with M.Tech (he can switch to research or teaching) but if working in an industry is what you aspire to, MBA is the way to go, as it will enhance your administrative and communicative skills. MBA opens the door to the field of business and administration, which further has many options to select from – sales, marketing, operations and human resource management.

To be specific – M.Tech is apposite for a product-based industry requiring technical skills. On the other hand, the MBA is apposite for a customer and service-oriented industry. Engineering graduates with an MBA degree are best for field applications, customer facing and front-end sales jobs. But then, if a corporate firm is an innovation hungry, an engineering graduate with M.Tech is a lethal combination.

Experienced Graduate Engineers Vs Fresh Post-Graduates

It is important to have the right qualifications, but then practical, hands-on industry experience is something that cannot be discounted. For that matter, at some places, you may feel that a graduate engineer with work experience may have an edge over the competition with a fresh post graduate. Yet, this all depends upon the candidate’s capabilities and the selection criteria of an organization.

Conversely, a candidate with higher qualifications enjoys better position and remuneration in the long run. This becomes even more so, if the candidate has a master’s degree from the Top MBA Institute in Delhi or from any metro cities. Delhi gets an extra edge because of the capital of India.

Part-time Master’s Degree Course

As mentioned above, there is no substitute for the active work experience, so if you are a working professional with a graduate degree and who wants to grow in his career through an advanced degree, then a part time programme is an ideal option for you. Academically, part-time and full-time programmes are identical, with a difference that with part-time a candidate can continue with his full-time job. This gives the candidates the opportunity to improve their existing skills and developing new without compromising on their current job.

The best part about part-time programmes is – many big colleges and universities offer such courses- like – Part-time MBA programmes – the advantage of such programmes is – candidates can discuss real-life scenarios and problems in the classroom. In fact, such discussions would add to their experience and knowledge while making the discussions and class sessions more interesting.

Looking at the financial assistance – Student loans are available, however, there are many corporate firms and employers who sponsor their employees for such higher degree programmes.

However, in the market employer preferred who has done full time MBA or PGDM from the reputed management institute.

Similarly, for your technical career, M.Tech is nothing less than a long-term investment. Both public and private sector organizations and research bodies hire M.Techs or M.E. for their specialized roles. Some reputed and big-shot public sector units hire M.Techs directly and are given higher priority than normal B.Techs or B.E.

As said earlier, the choice is yours and there is no end to this discussion. We rest our case by revising the fact that – for mastering technical skills, a candidate must opt for M.Tech degree and if you are the one who wants to come out from the engineering shell and want to create more job opportunities for themselves or believe in multitasking, then obviously it does make sense to widen your skills and knowledge in the management area and therefore do PGDM/MBA from the best management institute.

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