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Job opportunity after PGDM in Finance

The Make in India slogan and the 100% foreign direct investment have opened up the Indian economy to large investments. The recent demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee currencies put citizens in difficulty without cash, but banks are now flooded with money. As long as money flows and government policies make it easy to set up businesses and manufacturing facilities, PGDMs will remain in demand. An income of 10 lakh rupees per annum or more is quite possible.

Finance is one of the several specializations that PGDM allows and some of the others are Human Resources and Marketing.  While a PGDM has strict requirements of job experience of several years, not every candidate is truly job-ready. Besides, management courses are rather flexible, of one or two years duration, while distance and online courses may be even shorter.

In an age of specialization with the global media opening up a thousand paths to knowledge, commerce graduates stand an excellent chance of success in the field. Some go on to earn Chartered Accountant status. Management of finance would be an excellent additional qualification, leading to highly paid senior level jobs in banks and financial institutions.

Mega Indian Financial Markets

The insurance business is a vast industry besides capital markets and the non-banking financial companies. Since 2004, the country’s gross domestic savings has amounted to 30% of the gross domestic product. By 2019, the national savings would probably reach US$ 1,272 billion!

The accelerated growth of the Indian Financial Services Industry provides lots of lucrative prospects for the PGDM who opts for finance.  Consider the size of the asset management with the AUM doubling in extent since the FY2007. In FY2016, as many as 42 asset management companies operated within the country.  The Mutual Fund Industry is another titanic enterprise just like the insurance sector. In March 2016, the total AUM of the mutual fund industry had crossed US$200 billion.

The image of India as an impoverished nation is hopefully an idea of the past. A robust economy and a youthful population indicate good things to come. MNCs and e-commerce have reached mega proportions in the Indian continent and they are all minting money every moment.

Professional PGDM Finance job designations

PGDM Finance does certainly lead to high paying jobs in the banking and financial services sector. Professional courses like the PGDM after job experience can be realized later in life, maybe in the mid or late 20s. Keen competition ensures that the best make it to prized campus selections of top companies. No age is too late for a PGDM!

Why invest in a PGDM, remembering that the two-year course is rather expensive but costs can vary. Sponsors are sometimes available and educational loans solve many money issues. Such a degree brings job promotions and increases the earning capacity with bigger salaries. A PGDM helps to break away from stale jobs and perhaps start a private business in partnership. Changing careers is practiced throughout the world. Happiness and satisfaction must come from the daily pursuit. An innovative and progressive career is what everybody dreams of. Building a brand for yourself is the ultimate target.

With a PGDM in Finance, good chances exist to become a Branch Manager or Bank Manager in retail banking. Banking Business Analyst and Bank Loan Manager are some other well-paid designations. Business Development Manager in corporations and broking are other portfolios. A Banking or Corporate Customer Service Manager is an enviable senior position.

Areas of work

Some branches of the banking and finance sector comprise Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Credit Risk Management, Private Equity, Treasury and Derivatives Structuring.

The necessary skills

Some particular skills needed in the industry would be communication and analytical skills besides the ability to work as a team and make decisions. IT skills and networking, knowledge of software and online communication besides mass media would be great advantages.

Where are the best jobs after PGDM Finance?

Become an entrepreneur! While b-schools, work experience, books, lectures and presentations, internships and professors are all important, a PGDM Graduate can choose from many opportunities. Setting up a business after thorough research and adequate job experience is very much possible.

Investments are what banking is all about like in the insurance sector. Are investments safe for individuals and for companies? Credit Analysts and Business Operations are some areas. Commercial Banking, Cards and Transaction Management are developing rapidly in a cashless economy that India is fast becoming.

Investment Banking deals with mergers and acquisitions when two or more companies become a single entity as often happens.

Information Systems Management is getting more important with advanced IT systems. Such a job would require deeper technical knowledge combined with banking prowess. Getting up to date with technology can be a challenging process while considering the immense speed of IT development.

Management Consulting, Private Equity, and Data Analytics are other areas that provide dynamic employment after PGDM Finance. The aptitudes and interests of the individual finally decide which area suits best. It is possible to change fields in the task of finding what is best suited to individual temperaments.  In any case, it is bound to be a dedicated and fulfilling career for a PGDM Finance.

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