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The importance of summer internship for a PGDM program

PGDM Colleges in Delhi

The practical application of classroom education is the most important aspect of any course, mere theoretical understanding of subjects doesn’t suffice in the real world scenario. This holds true, especially for management education. The importance of a degree is reduced even if secured from the most prestigious business school if the skills learned in the classroom do not find application in a practical scenario. The world of real business can benefit from education only if the utmost emphasis is placed upon vocational education and real life skills.

The practical aspect of PGDM curriculum can be realized through summer training or PGDM internships that are an important part of management education. Students can benefit greatly in their career by taking up summer internships that strengthen their portfolio.

A summer training program or internship may be defined as a short-term work associated with a company that facilitates learning. It is completed between the first two years of a PGDM program and is a compulsion for several business schools. As a PGDM student taking up summer internship you are using your holidays to apply your classroom lessons to real business in order to gain a better understanding of the field of your interest.

The following points indicate the importance of summer internships for career growth:

Exposure: The idea of working in an organization gains light with the prospect of a summer internship. The true exposure to corporate culture and life of an organization can be gained along with a rough idea of the functional area being targeted. Internship roles also expose students to various dynamics of corporate world including the driving factors behind revenue and profitability, financial impacts, effective solutions to day to day problems and the like.

Professional growth: Internships go a long way in opening avenues to developing capabilities unique to respective industries, developing skills required for effective teamwork, facilitation of valuable professional networks, providing access to mentors and other resources that strengthen corporate future of an individual.

Employ-ability: While internships do not necessarily guarantee employment they definitely make you equipped with the right skills required for employment. They add viability and experience to your profile. The internship experience is a great attribute that helps sail hiring processes with ease.

Prospects of conversion: Good performance may help applicants convert their internship to a full-time job owing to the fact that many employers keep looking for coveted employees and when they spot similar skills in interns, they seldom let go of a valuable resource.

Easy change of domain: Changing domain post-PGDM is made easier through internships as they offer domain experience that is missing in case of those looking out for a change. Internships hence facilitate experimentation and hence the choice of career that concurs with personal and academic interests.

Insight into the potential of an employer: While internships are a great tool for employers to gauge the potential of students as successful employees, they also offer an opportunity to the students to analyze if a company is worth working for in order to suit their personal preferences regarding job and profession. Summer internships offer a closer view of the reality of companies independent of the opinion of other people.

Prior idea of the role and underlying responsibilities: Summer internships give you a real picture of what you are signing up for by clarifying the role, targets that accompany it, nature of work, dynamics of domain etc. It helps you decide whether you consider yourself a fit for the path you are going to travel.

Effective work experience: Practical experience of working in the industry of your choice equips you for your real job by offering a grip of responsibilities and culture. This strengthens the resume greatly and adds a competitive edge during job placements. It is particularly a value add for freshers who do not have any prior experience. No one will be able to reject your candidature merely on grounds of work experience as internships are comprehensive enough in achieving the desired experience to make you a great fit for organizations.

Value addition: While a lot has already been said about how internships effect resumes and readiness for the industry, they also offer great self-esteem boost and confidence to approach the job world. Stipends associated with many internship programs also add value and even help students that are financially weak. The right idea of individual strengths and weaknesses is also a take away from the internship model.

The benefits that internships offer cannot be emphasized enough and their true potential can be unleashed by approaching them with enthusiasm and sincerity. It involves two parties and both have to be involved in order to yield desirable results. Treating it just as a good to have experience and not putting in might to come out with flying colors is a shortcut that keeps long term benefits at bay. They are extremely beneficial if dealt the right way by both interns and employers.

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