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The IIM inspiration influences the entire management program | PGDM Colleges in Delhi NCR

PGDM Colleges in Delhi NCR

Inspiration comes when you decide to walk the campuses of major b-schools in India and abroad. The atmosphere itself speaks of dynamic achievement where students fought their management battles. The infrastructure that comprises the learned faculty and the information systems, lecture halls and libraries among others had a role to play. Everything needs to be up to date and spick and span. Management students are usually boarders and so it is a 24-hour experience of being exposed to a management expert creation machine.

It is the one of the top 5 pgdm colleges in delhi NCR

With long-established colleges and universities, generations of students have passed out and today perhaps hold the senior-most positions in the industry. By industry, we often mean the global environment because the internet has opened up worldwide opportunities. Applications and resumes are easier to post and even the job selection interviews take place online. It is good to feel honored with such renowned college and institute visits once in a while to be reminded of the dynamic power of raw youth setting out to conquer the world!

The IFBS mystique in the national capital Delhi

It is fascinating to ponder the mysterious secrets of the renowned campuses that have sometimes stood for centuries and continue to mold generations. Invariably, it is a single distinctive person or family that stood at the helm and pioneered a culture of learning that stood the test of time. Even when the government or parliament establishes such an institution, it is a single personality that shaped it. On the other hand, we realize that committee decisions are required at every step for things to happen, but inspiration initially comes from a single source. Down the chapters of history too, a single king or leader made all the difference to the nation, for better or worse.


Late Dr. Jagjit Singh was a Fulbright Fellow and his enduring legacy in corporate training environments has left an indelible imprint upon the institution he founded. He spent decades of fruitful training programs in corporate circles. All his intellectual vitality and blossoming creative zeal went into the foundation of an institution that can be termed unique. Dedicated as he was to student learning, a generation of students remains grateful for his zealous training.

The FOSTIMA secret

IMM FOSTIIMA Business School

It is an acronym and FOSTIIMA stands for FRIENDS OF SEVENTY-THREE OF IIM AHMEDABAD! In other words, it is IIM Ahmedabad alumni that provided the initial inspiration for an institution that has turned out numerous management graduates who occupy senior positions today. IIM Ahmedabad is too well known and requires no elaboration. The Indian educational tradition remains grateful to the IIM ABC, comprising the three management institutes in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

The truth lies with the seven founders who made up that group of friends of the 1973 batch. Productive friendships are forged between classmates during education in premier institutions and the impact is felt upon several generations of students. Like the process of designing and construction of a mighty building, once installed, it would probably stand the test of time with the right maintenance. In the process of education, it is something much more. An ideal balance needs to be maintained between the vision and mission and materialistic desires.

Unfortunately, particularly b-school education has fallen victim to money-minded institutions who see the enormous possibilities of profits. Management is the hottest field that leads to great careers in senior positions in the industry with fast promotions. With the right contacts, global placements could lead to far superior salaries outside the country. No wonder that b-school facilities are often exploited as money making institutions. Many b-schools make false claims about infrastructure, placements, and faculty in order to attract high-paying students.

IFBS represents an all-IIMA core faculty

If b-schools in India are categorized into three levels, IFBS definitely belongs to the upper rungs. The institute was built upon the IIMA foundation by the seven friends! The syllabus and philosophy, the vision and the mission, the network of contacts for placements, all the essential parts of the management culture, came from IIMA.

An institutional identity

Like individuals, cultures, races and religions, institutions have identities too, expressed in a thousand ways. Just like all the advertising materials of an organization constitute a visible identity, IFBS activities each day reveal the innate culture. It is the Qutab Institutional Area in the national capital that provides a refuge in an oasis surrounded by learning centers and high-profile businesses. That should be motivation enough! What is education, but a challenge to climb the ladder of success? Surrounded by so much of achievement, the students naturally wish to reach higher too.

The sharing process of education

The PGDM course at IFBS involves a lot of sharing of resources and faculty experiences. Guest speakers have spent memorable times with batches of students who stared open-mouthed, wondering at their own futures. Yet management students have had their bittersweet experiences of working life already, besides graduation. As a result, they learn at a higher level compared to the usual college student who is picking up the rudiments.

It is a subject that facilitates mid-career changes in professions and jobs. Consider some of the specializations like marketing and finance, human resources, international business and operations management, in addition to several others.  If specializations tally with subject areas that were studied during graduation, it would definitely be an advantage. Companies prefer those workers who combine technical knowledge with management skills. That is why engineers join management too after the experience of work. Such workers would now possess a double-edged sword and senior management positions would fall vacant for them.

A unique culture graces the leading business school! Whether it is the curriculum, the infrastructure and the faculty, internships, and placements, those seven founders showed the way.  The pedagogy today makes sure that IFBS ranks as the best PGDM College in Delhi NCR.

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