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IFBS Delhi the right place for Business Management Programs article 

IFBS, Delhi the right place for Business Management Programs

Would you like to study business management and specialize in Marketing, Finance, or Human Resources? Perhaps additional specializations like International Business, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Retail Management and Information Technology are interesting too. Find them all and much more at IMM-FOSTIIMA Business School in Delhi, a name that spells success in the world of international business management education. Under the impact of globalization, the internet, and mega business, nothing is local anymore. What was once considered local has developed to global dimensions!

A leading management institution

Among the thousands of management institutions that are busy making money in the vastness of India, only a few have been able to keep abreast of contemporary changes. Keeping up to date with industry requirements and helping students feel the pulse of industry in realistic terms is what the institutions should be doing. The goal is not the culmination of a management course of two or three-year duration. That is merely the beginning. The best institutions help management graduates to get a foothold in the shifting sands of the professional management universe. It is precisely the difference between teaching the art of fishing and gifting a fish.

IFBS teaches a management formula that would remain with the graduates all their lives. Being able to cope with business pressures in multicultural environments is very much the supreme task. Knowledge of an additional foreign language besides English would help. The curriculum and the teaching methodology are common with the principles taught in the leading universities abroad. Personality grooming would reveal the best features of communication ability and a willingness to shoulder responsibility. The ability to work in adverse circumstances with the odds against you is a special skill.

The two-year AICTE-approved Postgraduate Diploma Management Course at IFBS brings together diverse graduates who have studied a range of subjects earlier.  Firstly, the orientation creates a bridge between the world of finance, economics, management, legal aspects, taxes, and HR. A basic understanding of the business scenario needs to be inculcated and business concepts understood. Yet it is not mere theories, but at every step, it is learning activities, presentations, and workshops, industry visits, talks by industry representatives, etc.

Internships and final placements would be coming much later, but the foundation is being prepared with great effort on the part of the faculty with all the infrastructural support. It requires infinite patience to study a course successfully in this case with a duration of four semesters. Though far longer courses of four or five-year duration may exist in some other fields, it is a dynamic business world rather than theoretical study alone. Amalgamated courses offer far longer courses with two degrees being combined and the PGDM is meant for graduates who have already acquired a degree. What it really means is that entrants have already progressed along the path of learning the logical and analytical ability. Besides, they are supposed to possess work experience that would have brought greater maturity, leadership, teamwork and realistic understanding of the working world.

The vibrant living legacy of IIM Ahmedabad

The amalgamation of two great institutes is not new in education or business. Institute of Marketing Management was founded by the late Dr. Jagjit Singh, a great star in the educational universe of India and a Fulbright scholar. The FOSTIIMA story is also very inspiring indeed. Seven alumni of the IIT Ahmedabad 1973 batch got together to set up the infrastructure. As expected, much of the study material, methodology, ideas, and inspiration were derived from IIMA.

And so it remains with IIT alumni also joining the combined workforce in the makings of a mighty institution. Considering the fact that the IIMs and the IITs occupy the forefront of the Indian educational system in management and technology, standards at IFBS are very high. A combined dedication, scholarship and research, practical approaches and an up to date vibrant culture keep IFBS radiantly alive. Excellence is hard to achieve amidst the mighty competition of the 21st century, but the IIM and IIT cultures that equal world standards make it all possible. If Indian students dream of management success on a global scale, IFBS makes it very real.

Potential recruiters

Armed with a PGDM from first rate institutes like IFBS, the many mega companies become happy hunting grounds. Not that you will have to go through the application and interview culture yourself. IFBS puts you through an intensive preparatory course to shine with managerial skills, and the paid internship becomes for many the first exploration of working life. Hospitality and Healthcare, Retail business, the manufacture of products, service delivery, transport and telecommunications, and pharmacy are some of the sectors that could provide satisfying lucrative appointments with opportunities to rise quickly along committed career paths. If you are lucky enough to combine technical knowledge with a management course like engineers and doctors, even greater success in senior positions is assured.

Considering the various possibilities, Citibank and Airtel could be companies to work for. Britannia, IBM, and Infosys? What about Levi’s, Axis Bank and ICICI Bank? Mega companies employ fresh management graduates and mold them to their own practices. Dedication to the company could result in decades of meritorious service than job-hopping across the spectrum of companies!  Settling down in a single entity, though not permanently, helps concentrate on careers better. Maintain some professional goals and work towards their realization.

Consider some real-life stories of successful past placements! Bhargav Dhar joined Gulf Sea Foods, Abrar Abdullah entered Midland Group, and Rupak Haldar was with NTS Group. Rahul Takkar joined Commercial Bank of Dubai and Aubpreet Arora was absorbed by Axis Bank.

What does the PGDM teach?

A thorough grounding in the business world would be the encouraging outcome. Business communication and laws, analysis of cases, reporting and presentations would occupy many study hours. Don’t forget computer applications and software that no sector can do without nowadays. Financial accounting, organizational behavior, and marketing management are some other important areas. Specializations would be instrumental in focusing attention on particular areas that would count greatly towards professional success. Give the course your best to reap a rich harvest for a lifetime.

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