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IFBS creates world class business managers in the 2-year PGDM at Delhi Uncategorized 

IFBS creates world class business managers in the 2-year PGDM at Delhi

The new India that nowadays occupies international headlines as a young nation with a fast emerging corporate culture depends heavily upon business managers. It is in the 1990s that Indian government liberal policies encouraged the setting up of business schools. Whether it is a graduate program, masters or a diploma, it is essentially the same, an introduction to the business ethics and systems, a study of the economy and laws, finance and HR, taxes and bureaucracy.

Thousands of such business graduates and postgraduates pass out of these hundreds of b-schools and not all of them succeed in fulfilling their dreams. Except for the top rung institutions like the IIMs, something may be lacking like a weak curriculum, unsuccessful placements, and ineffective training. Essential corporate contacts and sterling reputations are necessary for a b-school to succeed and it is unfortunate that many student careers are compromised. A great majority of the students have to be satisfied with second rate careers.

Consider the different industries that have catapulted India to the top of the world in many senses. Whether it is healthcare or hospitality, agriculture and engineering, biotechnology, IT and pharmacy, many Indian companies have reached the status of MNCs. Comparing the past and the present, there is so much to be happy about. Yet, each of these sectors is managed by capable business managers who need to be dedicated and well trained to work amidst the stresses in multicultural environments.

The two-year full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Management at IFBS

Graduates in any subject preferably with some work experience would benefit immensely if they studied the PGDM course at IFBS. While it is true that student life is often wasted in dreams and idle pursuits, the PGDM course means business. Students who have already graduated and may possess work experience have already reached a certain level of maturity and are serious about careers. If they graduated in economics or commerce, they would already have a fairly good understanding of the conditions in the business market and the essential factors in running a business. Through experience, logical understanding and awareness of real working conditions have developed.

If they now have to play crucial roles in the nation’s development at home or as ambassadors abroad, they need appropriate training and personality building besides superb communication skills. Two years or four semesters is long enough to bring a great transformation in the capability of young, ambitious students. They need to understand the corporate culture first where they will have to survive all lifelong. Work can be daunting if you are ill prepared. How do students get to understand the real working conditions in working life? In a world with a highly developed technology, the online world and social media fill us with excessive audio and video information besides texts.  We may feel that we have learned a great deal but is that the truth?

The inside story is revealed to PGDM students by the experienced faculty, industry leaders who deliver lectures and the interaction with such celebrities. In conjunction with workshops and seminars that often include learning activities, besides internships and field visits, the students know what the working future would be like.

They would be exposed to lots of stress in the business world as the case method proves. Crisis situations are intimately discussed to prepare students psychologically for all the difficult situations they may be required to face. We have enough such real difficult situations in the history of industry. Besides, the media each day brings us such difficult situations arising in the world of business involving keen competition between the giants of business. It is this competition that sustains the world of big business since you need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The IIM Ahmedabad tradition at IFBS stands strong

IFBS represents two institutions! IMM and FOSTIMA merged to form IFBS. A group of seven friends who studied in the 1973 batch of IIM Ahmedabad came together. Among the leading institutions in the world, IIMs represent some of the finest traditions of Indian education. Along with the IIMs came the IIT influence. Combined, the ideas and the curriculum, the corporate connections and the learning culture have provided an enormous motivation to excel and succeed at IFBS in the race to the top.

The impact is felt upon each PGDM pass out and several such batches have found excellent postings in some of the biggest MNCs both Indian and foreign. The records of postings are all there for the information of those who wish to join this meritorious institution. Careers are assured but students have to fulfill their part of the deal and cooperate with the faculty and the management. It is a busy life indeed with so much to do in each semester. The assignments, field trips, projects and seminars require intellectual rigor and physical ability. Just like robust health would be required to cope with professional managerial duties, students too need to be physically fit to accomplish all the institutional requirements during the course. Success waits at IFBS!

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