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At IFBS, you can be certain of the best internships and job placements Uncategorized 

At IFBS, you can be certain of the best internships and job placements

While management institutions have proliferated in India in recent times due to escalating demand, do they really live up to promises? Most management colleges offer mediocre education, mostly theoretical, and jobs are hard to come by at the end. Professional placements worthy of the 21st century come from few renowned institutions. IMM-FOSTIMA Business School does honor its internship and placement policies and records indicate that every student has successfully obtained a lucrative appointment. A thorough training in personality development, interview, and group discussion skills is given. Resume writing and presentations are practiced.

Great internships with leading companies become the first opportunity for management would be graduates and postgraduates to come into contact with prospective employers. In many outstanding cases, the companies have been suitably impressed during the internship and have decided to offer employment.

IFBS and industry collaborations

A network of contacts and collaborations has developed over the years with multiple industries in India and abroad. FOSTIMA was born with a group of IIM Ahmedabad students who jointly set up the institution. It is a merger of two institutions, the IMM and FOSTIMA.  Along with several IIM and IIT alumni who make up the distinguished teaching faculty, a global network of contacts results in close industry cooperation to find the best placements.

The choice of courses is interesting too with IFBS hosting the AICTE recognized Postgraduate Diploma in Management. FOSTIMA teaches the UGC recognized Master of Business Administration. Both courses are four semesters long and both are meant for graduates who have completed at least 15 years of school plus graduate education.

A vast world of companies in several sectors opens up to management students at these twin institutes! The options extend to Banking and Financial services, engineering and telecommunications, e-commerce and fast moving consumer goods along with much more. Whether it is an international business with MNCs or a more localized work area, students are certain to get appointments according to their field of interests. Besides the industries, IFBS maintains close contacts with leading brands and ensures that the curriculum and the teaching are geared specifically towards industry needs.

The brand culture!

We recognize major brands by their hallowed names at the mention of which an electrical current runs through the nerves. And why not? Companies that mean so much to so many, companies that have become household names perhaps for a few generations deserve to be honored.  Airtel and Citibank are two of those legendary names in telecommunications and banking. IBM and Britannia too are industry leaders in computers and bakery products. Maruti Suzuki for automobiles,  HP for information technology and ITC for hotels – we recognize them all because they have become mighty brand names. It took long to get to the top and the future is assured once you reach the apex. As to the individual, so it is with the corporates. The Times of India, ICICI, Axis Bank, Levis and so much more. One factor unites them all. They recruit at IFBS on a regular basis because companies are constantly expanding and good managers will always be in demand globally.

Placement records are worth boasting….

The IFBS website indicates realistic records of companies that employed the management pass-outs and also mentions the salaries agreed upon. As a result of close collaboration between the institute and the companies, a series of meetings and workshops are held. Company representatives would put students through the selection procedure of resumes, interviews and group discussions and perhaps oral and written tests too. In some cases, based on proficient internship performances, companies would already have decided which candidates they are interested in employing at the end of the course duration.

The time has come for decisions to be taken and it is a happy ending for the students and the companies. It is difficult to understand the vast employment potential for management graduates in terms of numbers and the vast salaries offered. In an age of industry and technology, MNCs are proliferating in leaps and bounds. The demand for excellent business managers who can withstand pressures and work in multicultural settings has increased tremendously.  Just glance at some of the industry statistics to understand the real picture of management potential.

Rewards for excellence will come in good time

The sensational records for successful placements are only the beginning of the success story. Regarding the future beyond the placements, perhaps some doubts remain. IFBS alumni have been doing well across the companies after placement, assisted by IFBS, IIM and IIT alumni. A global network of contacts already exists that strengthens the performance and the understanding. The three foundations are very strong and work in tandem. Like the ripples in the water, once you join the institution, there is no stopping the successful course of the management career.  In good time, perhaps in a few years, the pass-outs would have reached senior positions, bringing honor and fame to themselves, the institution, the company and the country.

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