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Global business management success is assured with PGDM at IFBS Uncategorized 

Global business management success is assured with PGDM at IFBS

Making career decisions and finding the best colleges can be quite a stressful situation for eager, young graduates. While money-minded institutes are many, few possess the faculty expertise, the advanced curriculum and the infrastructural resources to make a difference to student lives.  While business management education in India has continued for decades, the new age thinking of the 21st century has now dawned and the challenges are immense. It is no longer possible to lead secluded lives. Technology has opened up everything to global scrutiny. Cosmopolitan pressures and global thinking, the ability to reach out and work with foreign cultures would be necessary. Knowledge of foreign languages in addition to English would be a major motivating factor.

The IIM inspiration

Among Indian institutions, the IIMs and IITs have been instrumental in consistently producing management and technology graduates who have shone on the global stage. While many other universities and institutes in India have now reached the status of international organizations, these two cultures were the pioneers. IMM-FOSTIMA Business School has its origins in the IIM Ahmedabad culture and IIT alumni are included in the faculty. IFBS is an amalgamation of two distinguished institutes, the IMM and FOSTIMA..

Graduates in any field who are in search of success on a global scale would make a wise decision by opting for the PGDM at the prestigious IFBS in the national capital Delhi. While courses and colleges are too many in the diversified educational forest in India, the decision is probably the best you will ever take. Some years later, you would remember the springboard to success that came at IFBS. Business management with a relevant degree, dynamic internship and an excellent placement with a leading company stand the best chances of fast track career promotions. As compared to most services where you stagnate for decades, business management would probably reach you to the senior management level during the first two decades if not earlier. Combining technical expertise with a management degree is twice as effective to qualify for senior positions. Engineers armed with a management degree can dream of the sky. Mega companies prefer such workers who combine technical knowledge with managerial expertise.

Two-year full-time AICTE approved Postgraduate Diploma in Management creates Magic 

Look forward to a thorough grounding in business concepts and the environments that shape global businesses. You don’t have to travel far to find mega businesses. They are right around us in the global media and the internet makes it easy to apply for, find jobs and be interviewed online across the continents. In India itself and in Delhi, we find some of the biggest MNCs in Healthcare, Hospitality, and Automobiles besides so much more. Who knows which company will become your lucky star?

Study of laws and labor issues, economics, banking, and commerce besides human resources and information technology are some of the areas that gradually lead to a systematic understanding. Just like the fish must know the watery world, business managers need to understand the driving forces of the business culture.

Specializations show the way

A focus is needed in every field and the particular study of a field is required to intensify awareness and understanding. Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources are the specializations most in demand, each of them intimately connected with any business enterprise, whether dealing with products or services. Additional specialized fields offered are International Business, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Retail Management and IT. Find your dream career among these options!

Additional certifications

Much more is needed besides text book information. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Statistical Software and Digital Marketing are some additional study areas. High Impact Soft Skills and Big Data Analytics are some other areas besides personality and communication training that would polish your skills for the business fight of a lifetime, aided by IIM and IIT alumni in finding the best placements.

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