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A Field Trip, Singing Audition and Guest Lecture liven up the IFBS learning activities

Immense effort, time, expense and energy are invested in obtaining quality education to succeed in professional careers besides upgrading the character and personality. Hopefully, internships and placements take care of those crucial job concerns though the stress continues to bother students. Management students in a renowned institution like IMM-Fostima Business School should have little fear of the future with capable management professionals being in high demand globally and in the many Indian multinational companies too.

Mother Dairy visit

At every level of education, students are happy to break free from books and classrooms! The visit to Mother Dairy in Laxmi Nagar was well organized for all the students of the first and second years.  It took a lot of organizing and transport for over 300 students to visit the venue. The visit took place in batches of 40 students. Each day witnessed 2 batches visiting Mother Dairy.  The visits were completed over 4 days, hectic days indeed for the students and the staff.

A company representative guided the student batches with a lecture that lasted an hour, followed by a 30-minute video presentation. An enlightening question and answer session took place after the video. Visiting the plant did provide some interesting insights. The trip ended with complimentary flavored milk and ice cream for everybody.  Pictures and relevant information have been shared.

Radio Mirchi Singing Audition

Lots of exciting events take place regularly within the IFBS campus! Developing and exhibiting student talents and getting them interested in productive extra-curricular activities have always been at the top of the agenda. The song auditions conducted by Radio Mirchi was one such display of striking talents that must not go unnoticed. Participation is certainly more important than winning too where activities are concerned. Interested participants came forward to display heartfelt skills. While everybody can be a bathroom singer, strong skills are required to sing successfully before a rapt audience. Singing in the Radio Mirchi live program was an opportunity that came to some singers. We have circulated the pictures and information.

Dr. Mukul Jain Guest Lecture

Besides books, seminars and workshops, presentations and group discussions, IFBS students are often engaged in several learning activities to augment practical experiences. Guest Lectures are often delivered by professionals and celebrities who speak out of their rich professional experiences in a realistic manner. Students raise their questions in order to be mentally prepared for real life working situations in their own lives after study is completed.

Dr. Mukul Jain conducted a Financial Education & Awareness Program under the SEBI initiative. In the world of business management, finance plays a key role in any organization along with human resources and materials or services. All the elements need to be carefully managed for maximum productivity and profits. Luckily, our universe today uses a range of software and technology to aid the management and information gathering process.

While several specializations are offered at IFBS, all of them would benefit from the Financial Education & Awareness Program. Finance is common to every business like air and water to human life. Pictures and information have been shared.

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