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Feel the pulse of the global management with PGDM at IFBS Uncategorized 

Feel the pulse of the global management with PGDM at IFBS

The IMM-FOSTIMA Business School does foster a new breed of management specialists who deserve to fill senior roles in management with the top MNCs. So it has been the last few years when the time comes at the end of the two-year full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Management graduates to receive their placements. The internships would have taken place much earlier and now it is time to launch a business career that could very well continue lifelong from peak to peak with several industries. Gone are the days when services meant a single government or company to whom the employee dedicated a lifetime of effort and retired with ample benefits or pension to live a comfortable life. Changing jobs is the norm nowadays.

The life and times of the 21st century

Over the last few decades leading into the present century, a tremendous growth of industry, manufacturing, consumer goods, and technology has been initiated. The rise of multinational companies with branches in several countries and continents for the first time in history made us realize the vastness of the global market as mighty as space with unlimited opportunities.  The world markets have opened up like never before.

Superfast telecommunications and transport facilities brought about that oneness we all wish to achieve in a world where we can live like brothers. A multicultural environment is an ultimate goal! Goods and services increase in quality and effectiveness when they are delivered through teams that speak different languages and assimilate several cultures.  With close cooperation brought about by treaties, licensing procedures and excise and taxation laws, parts are manufactured in Asian countries and assembled in western countries.

The mighty management expertise required

The idea may be wonderful but how can it achieve in reality? We realize that business management lies at the heart of the global operations. Yet it is not machines and technology that can achieve the delicate tasks. It is human business managers with heads, hearts, and souls who bring about the impossible. Procurement of raw materials from across many countries, research, production, inspection, package, and delivery refer to most industries. If all that is to be achieved on a mighty scale and competing with world standards, we can well imagine what superhuman effort is involved.

Services too need mighty coordination and skill levels in order to be effective and relevant on a global scale. Training, recruitments, salaries, and supervision of companies on a vast school would require immense management skills.

Healthcare and Hospitality

Instead of getting lost in the mighty forest that is the global goods and services industry, it may help to consider two examples, some of the biggest. If we consider the goods and technical knowledge that are required along with management skills in Healthcare and Hospitality alone, it is mind boggling. The best managers combine technical knowledge with management skills. Entrants to the PGDM at IFBS have completed graduation in some subject like science or engineering. When the management skills are added up, they become very employable in senior management positions. Most of them possess some working experience before joining IFBS.

As most would agree, you need a passion in order to succeed. It could be a passion with Human Resources, Banking or Textiles. New age careers that hardly existed earlier could deal with telecommunications and the online marketing field. Along with the study of the particular subject perhaps at graduation, the business aspect needs to be studied and skills developed. The expert faculty along with visiting professors and industry visits succeed in bringing a realistic understanding of industry situations and the changing trends.

An understanding of international business

Though the neighborhood petty shop is an example of a business like the management of money and shopping in every household, they are on small scales. Businesses nowadays are not confined to the city or the state, unlike decades ago. Every business in goods or services is trying to diversify and reach out to world markets. And why not? The internet has opened up vast markets never imagined before. Almost every product can be packaged and sold online with very fast transport and delivery services at affordable costs.

Similarly, jobs may be obtained worldwide easily through internet advertising, online video interviews, and social media. While the advantages are many, the challenges are greater and misuse and crime are possibilities. Yet dangers exist in every field and crime eternally flourished.

The IFBS challenge

IFBS had mighty foundations in the IIM Ahmedabad inspiration and model. Along the way came several IIT faculties. Together, they showed the way to great management education that honors values and principles. All the big businesses should possess a social conscience and listen to the voice of humanity. After all their professional success, business managers should be willing to give back to society and take up humanitarian ventures. IFBS within its short existence has proved its mettle in producing dynamic managers with hearts and souls.

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