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Experts Think That PGDM Still Scores a Lot Over University MBA

Candidates are always confused about pursuing their studies in MBA or PGDM. There are a lot of similarities between the two programs. They are treated in the same way after the candidate finishes the program. But PGDM still scores a lot over University MBA. There are many people who realize that MBA is required after they start their career. During their job, they cannot spend more time in the degree classes. The program time is lesser in PGDM and they need not mug up the theory as everything is taught in practical ways. Personality development is also considered as important in this program. People in jobs prefer this program and thus there is more seriousness in the classes.

In MBA the student gets complete theoretical knowledge about business management. In PGDM the candidates can choose a subject and get specialized in it.  It is always better to choose a reputed college to get a recognized degree. If the student needs to have more personal experience then is better to take up PGDM program. This is a diploma program but has all the necessary characteristics of a degree. If the student needs to go for higher studies then there may be a necessity of an MBA degree as more of the theory is required. But whether it is for a job or for higher studies rather than the degree or diploma the college is more considered.

Skills Are Acquired In This Program

It is always advised for the PGDM holder to take an equivalence certificate to be on the safer side. There are many universities considering the PGDM certificates for higher studies but they look into the reputation of the college from where the certificate is issued. Many skills are developed in various spheres like teamwork, operations, ethics, finance, leadership, economics and leadership. This helps in their future career to take them to higher positions. The college name is like a brand which is carried over throughout the student’s career.

Certain colleges are best in giving a perfect personality development program which helps the student to carry the brand of his college in the future. The industry and alumni can be reached easily due to the good network in the college. Many of the graduates like to go for further management degree but they are confused with the university MBA or PGDM. The main difference is that the MBA degree is from the colleges which are affiliated to the university. PGDM is like a diploma offered by private institutions. The syllabus here is chosen according to the present industry requirements.

Syllabus Changed According to the Industry Requirements

The students learn a lot from the syllabus as they are practical and based on the present market conditions. The students are made to deal with the situations practically so that they come up with good resolutions to solve problems. They are not following the old syllabus like the university affiliated colleges. Changing of the syllabus here results in introducing more present conditions which help the students to understand the market better. The program value increases with the name of the college. Getting specialized in a particular subject practically is the best part of this program. Whether it is the certificate or the college in the end talent is always recognized. The student has to prove his ability in certain fields to get recognized in the team and personally.

The fee is the only factor to be thought of. In university, the fee is lesser than the private college PGDM. The curriculum designed is autonomous in the private institutions. According to the needs of the industry, the curriculum is changed or updated. This helps the students to stay in phase with the outside world. They will have the knowledge about the problems in the outside world.  This is the main reason why PGDM still scores a lot over University MBA. Students should be vigilant about the accreditation status of the college.

Industries Prefer Skilled Candidates

PGDM means post graduate diploma in management. This means it is a post graduate program which teaches more about management. These days’ students know that this program has more training sessions about the real-life business situations. These days the industries also treat the certificates of MBA and PGDM as equal. The industrialists prefer skilled candidates rather than the theoretical knowledge students. The career is not changed with the two certificates. The skilled students get the same career and thus many prefer the PGDM program.

These days it has become very necessary for the youth to secure a certificate in management to be placed in a good position. There are a lot of job opportunities for the candidates who have got this certificate and this is the main attraction for the youth who like to get into management positions. There are many experts too who claim that PGDM has a superior place.

Lot Of Candidates Seek This Program

As the colleges offering PGDM programs are increasing the candidates seeking this program are also increasing. They are taught a scientific approach to management. Other than management they are taught accounts, finance, business ethics and business strategies. Skills required for the top corporates, soft skills for leadership qualities, creative thinking, and other thinking powers are enhanced during the program time. The candidates have to do many projects and attend internships for getting more exposure. Equal importance is given to theory and practical knowledge. Dynamism and flexibility required for the present corporate system are learned by the candidates to get ready for the future.

There are many reputed colleges offering PGDM programs like IFBS Business school in the south of Delhi. A large number of candidates prefer to pursue their studies with IFBS but only a few manage to clear the entrance. Not only students but the working corporate managers also find their program very attractive for getting into jobs easily with high salaries, which makes their program one of the most sought after PGDM programs in Delhi NCR

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