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Crack the campus recruitment deal of IFBS and climb higher in management industry

With an extensive network in India and International IFBS is the best place to secure a position in the management industry. As the society is going through tough competition, therefore, anybody has to put a lot to get an entry. If you are thinking that you can get an easy entrance in the management industry, then you are in a wrong reality. IFBS is delivering best placement opportunity for the students. Many corporate sectors are linked with the administration of FOSTIIMA Business School. If the students can make a strong focus, then IFBS would support them to get their first work in hand. Thus, students can start-up with an honorable post and salary.

The investment of 2 years for PGDM at IFBS:

Students should think about their purpose of investment. IFBS is one of the greatest business schools of the Indian market. The IIM graduates have enlightened the faculty and the prosperous syllabus is focused on developing the learning, analytic and practical skills of the students. With such content, the administration has a huge connection with biggest management sectors. The pass-outs of the institution are placed in Google, Star, Amazon, ICICI, Axis, Apple and other leading companies in the Indian and International market.

  • Perfect infrastructure for management study.
  • Great curriculum for learning, analysis, and execution.
  • Guidance of the best faculty.
  • Top rank campus for studying in a friendly ambiance.
  • Scholarship facilities for able students.
  • Top rank in the placement list.
  • A wide range of connection with the international and national corporate sectors.
  • Chance of experience gathers in many industries.
  • Summer internship for field works.
  • Great ideas for entrepreneurship.
  • Executive knowledge for successful project building.
  • Interaction with academy award winners in management.
  • Productive workshops for showcasing the study.
  • Seminars that enhances knowledge on vivid topics.
  • The professional layout that accomplishes every promise with a plan.

Actual, the professional university follows the rule to complete every promise of serving all the facts. Giving promise and fulfilling every bit of it, is the most important job. FOSTIIMA Business School has earned the top rank according to some traditional authorities for its range.

Why is placement recognizable?

Students must have a proper place not only for work but also they must reach the corporate ladder. Thus, a student can get a rich future. The vision of IFBS is clear. The institution wants to serve the promising students who would carry the management industry into the compatible position among the world. Therefore, the administration doesn’t leave any bit in the training process. After a classy education, students should get a platform. The university has direct partnerships with over 50 sectors worldwide. Some tie-ups with the international universities have extended the faculty. The qualified professors are coming quarterly in the institution. They share their global experience. Their tips help the students to play the stunning role in the interviews. IFBS creates a perfect platform to be trained for the summer internships.

Now, the time is to see the attached sectors. These companies are taking human resource from IFBS on a regular basis. Students would achieve posts as per as their ability. They can get the chance of joining in every session.

  • IBM
  • HP
  • HDFC
  • CITI Bank
  • AXIS Bank
  • GSF
  • Infosys

These are the prime recruiters of IFBS. The relationship is going through years and now these companies have a strong bonding with the institution. More than 60% of students are joining in such leading companies every year. Rests are in the abroad for higher studies or doing own business and some have joined in other companies to gather different experiences. The graduates are going in the media to explore as well.

Star, Zee and other national leaders of the media industry and some popular film makers have recruited the students of IFBS. The competitive skill and market knowledge are very effective in such industries as well. Therefore, students can get another wing to spread their public connection base. Some students have fixed their place in media management jobs and some are garnering experience for better jobs in the upcoming carrier.

The work of placement cell:

IFBS has a separate cell that is included to develop the required skills for interviews and internships. This department is crafted with the highly experienced and educated alumni of popular business schools and corporate sectors. The motivating personality and skill of the alumni integrate effective topics to prepare the students.

  • Interview practices.
  • Personality improvement. A) confidence building B) speaking fluency C) influential execution of the thoughts D) Dressing E) self-presentation
  • Condition management
  • Practical sense building
  • Applying the bookish knowledge

The cell develops many skills of the students. Regular practices are conducted by the guides. As this cell is crafted by those people who have industry experience, therefore, the guides bring some corporate sectors for recruitment. These people are arranging interviews in the summer. Their powerful links with the corporate sectors are very useful. The interview depends much on the given report of the guides.

The help of the corporate leaders:

IFBS arranges the seminars where the corporate leaders are coming. Some other successful personalities besides business industry are joining these ventures as well. Here, students can know their success stories, tips for getting success in life, motivational speeches and fundamental knowledge of management studies. Some of the spokespeople belong to the regular recruiting agencies of FOSTIIMA Business School.

The students can interact with the leaders directly, they can ask questions and the leaders would answer them. This homely interaction causes lots of experiences about the upcoming challenges. The students can know the insight of an industry. Along with it, what are the contemporary business challenges, how the global marketing is dealing, what is the position of India among the international platform, how to perform in new age trade, what are contemporary issues of business, how to build-up tactics, such questions can be cleared through this interaction. The professors of Harvard Business School, CEO of Naukri and many of the inventors, professors and international personalities are present in  lot of the seminars.

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