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The importance of summer internship for a PGDM program

PGDM Colleges in Delhi The practical application of classroom education is the most important aspect of any course, mere theoretical understanding of subjects doesn’t suffice in the real world scenario. This holds true, especially for management education. The importance of a degree is reduced even if secured from the most prestigious business school if the skills learned in the classroom do not find application in a practical scenario. The world of real business can benefit from education only if the utmost emphasis is placed upon vocational education and real life…

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Crack the campus recruitment deal of IFBS and climb higher in management industry Uncategorized 

Crack the campus recruitment deal of IFBS and climb higher in management industry

With an extensive network in India and International IFBS is the best place to secure a position in the management industry. As the society is going through tough competition, therefore, anybody has to put a lot to get an entry. If you are thinking that you can get an easy entrance in the management industry, then you are in a wrong reality. IFBS is delivering best placement opportunity for the students. Many corporate sectors are linked with the administration of FOSTIIMA Business School. If the students can make a strong…

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How the team building concept lifts the specialized course of IFBS Delhi Uncategorized 

How the team building concept lifts the specialized course of IFBS, Delhi

Team building is an innovative concept that is used in modern day’s business. Whatever industry it is or whatever is its access area, a perfect team is must for obtaining a greater goal. IFBS have developed the specialized course that can increase a dramatic feature of the students. The students can pursue confidence to climb the corporate ladder in their career. Marketing, finance and HR courses are focusing the enhancement of team building capabilities. Students should know that team building activities are being executed powerfully in the international market. The…

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Career Opportunities for PGDM Graduates, Scope and Salary

The contemporary world may best be defined in terms of business corporations. Science and technology, media and industry sum up the state of things. While the cream of management graduates rule the best companies and PGDMs usually hold plush appointments. Not only are Fortune 500 companies indebted to management graduates, the local industries and media houses may also have them. Previous job experience is considered essential for admission to the best colleges. Internships, electives, and specialization during the course ensure that job-ready pass outs quickly get absorbed in the top…

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Management Education: Regaining its position again

Management education in India is gaining its deserved attention since last two years. The growth in the economy fuelled by reforms, technical and manufacturing collaborations, the advent of more foreign companies, boosting of consumer demands and finally, the gradual shift to the digital world is a clear indication that the corporate sector needs educated Managers like never before to run their day to day business. We saw a similar growth in terms of management aspirants 10 years back with a record number of aspirants taking various management entrance examinations. Just…

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