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IFBS Delhi the right place for Business Management Programs article 

IFBS, Delhi the right place for Business Management Programs

Would you like to study business management and specialize in Marketing, Finance, or Human Resources? Perhaps additional specializations like International Business, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Retail Management and Information Technology are interesting too. Find them all and much more at IMM-FOSTIIMA Business School in Delhi, a name that spells success in the world of international business management education. Under the impact of globalization, the internet, and mega business, nothing is local anymore. What was once considered local has developed to global dimensions! A leading management institution Among the thousands…

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For a great career progression, an MBA/PGDM is important article 

For a great career progression, an MBA/PGDM is important

INTRODUCTION Once done with graduation every graduate student has this confusion about which program should be opted and how to proceed with it. PGDM and MBA have their own importance and scope. Master of business administration is a master degree program which originated in the United States during the early 20th century when companies needed scientific approaches which could lead to proper management. PGDM is post graduate diploma in management offered by various institutes which are recognized by the all India council for technical education and are not affiliated. Both these…

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What makes IFBS the Best Business School in Delhi NCR article 

What makes IFBS the Best Business School in Delhi NCR

Most teenagers nowadays, fresh out of school and college, wish for a charmed career in business management. Global top notch appointments, attractive salaries, and perks, fast promotions, a large number of MNCs having made India their playground are some salient reasons.  If only dreams came true! Consider the large number of business schools that exist in brick and mortar settings and online, full-time and during weekends. After paying those hefty fees, are you really getting the ROI? Does the course prepare professionally oriented executives who can shine in cosmopolitan settings?…

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The Role of the dedicated Faculty in the IFBS PGDM success

The IMM-Fostima Business School in Delhi conducts a two-year full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Management that eventually leads to successful placements with national and international business organizations. What makes IFBS so very much different from the numerous business schools nowadays is the background of IIM Ahmedabad where the seven founders studied in the 1973 batch. The combined inspiration was responsible for the foundation of this meritorious institution in 2007. The decade has created many excellent business managers capable of competing on a global scale though the first duty would be to…

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The superior and authoritative curriculum for the PGDM Program at IFBS

Few institutions in India or abroad wield the sort of intellectual power of the combined IMM-Fostima Business School resources in Delhi. The foundation for IFBS was laid by those seven pioneers, all batch mates of the 1973 Indian Institute of Management Allahabad course. As of now, most of the faculty has IIM or IIT backgrounds and study is vigorous under those two traditions. Business Management represents the hallmark of contemporary thinking with the greatest opportunities available for quick progress up the corporate ladder. The internet generation has the advantage of…

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The Management Program at IFBS Delhi is making waves

While India has literally thousands of business schools, IFBS is different. The founders of this institution were IIM Ahmedabad alumni of the 1973 batch. While the IIM tradition continues to this day, IIT graduates also teach here. Thus, a combination of IIM and IIT cultures forms the background. The institution works on the campus in Delhi, a crucial aspect of the Indian culture. While Delhi is the political capital, the IFBS location in South Delhi close to educational campuses and industries motivates the best in students. Besides the faculty and…

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Chase your business dreams in IFBS for successful careers in India and abroad

Best PGDM Institute in South Delhi The media is constantly delivering sensationally successful stories of startups and well-established businesses. Living in a world of industry and technology, it is only natural that many youngsters grow up with business on their minds. In several fields like marketing, finance and HR, healthcare, hospitality and IT, robust careers have opened up. While India is offering a bouquet of opportunities for business in manufacturing or delivery of services, global opportunities are plenty. Education and training will need to cater to multicultural environments for successful…

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Things to be considered before enrolling in a B-school

Top PGDM Colleges in Gurgaon More than ever, higher education today has become a requirement to gain entry into potential job markets. And when we talk about higher education, PGDM, in particular, has become one of the most resourceful degrees, which can greatly aid in the career advancement of students. This is the reason why lakhs of students enroll in business schools every year and get onto the path of a PGDM degree. However, there are certain things that every student willing to pursue a PGDM program should consider before…

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An action-filled life at IFBS leads to superbly successful internships and placements

Pursuing business management studies could very well be done in hundreds of institutions, colleges, and universities in a country like India. It is important though to be certain that you do not have to regret the choice of institution. Careers are fragile and need awesome support at the important moments of the professional ladder climbing. Few would accept it, but the professional battles are fought in educational institutions. Once a firm foundation is laid, there is no looking back across a lifetime, though updates would be necessary. Give it a…

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The marketing specialization in PGDM at IFBS leads to stunning careers

Certainly, at the top of the b-schools among the thousands in India, IFBS in Delhi offers the PGDM as a stepping stone to top management careers. The two-year AICTE- approved full-time course becomes a successful Launchpad with lucrative campus placements favoring the most dedicated students. Besides, the internship programs and the industry experienced faculty and guest speakers share valuable expertise with the students on their way to becoming global professionals. The challenging PGDM course in IFBS is spearheaded by IIM and IIT alumni. The origin and the inspiration, the faculty…

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