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Best Ranked PGDM College in Delhi article 

The major strengths of IFBS PGDM create a new breed of management professionals

Best Ranked PGDM College in Delhi Management is the new motto among the die hard professionals who have mighty dreams of climbing corporate ladders early in life. Management courses have assured glittering careers for some decades now, but the rise of MNCs and the internet technology in recent decades resulted in a mass management industry. While numerous institutes and colleges turn out managers by the thousand, not many of them qualify for those dream careers. The intellectual stimulus at IFBS The institute rests on IIMA foundations! A group of friends…

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How Students benefits from the Lecture and Case Study Methods of the PGDM course at IFBS

The traditional lecture method of study and learning still continues in schools and higher education in spite of all the technology that has become part of the teaching-learning process. Transmitting large volumes of useful information is the primary function of lectures. The difference from the past is that presentations, slides, audio and video resources besides internet facilities could become part of that animated lecture. A personal face to face contact is established in lectures, though the audience could be a very large group. That is certainly more encouraging than learning…

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PGDM Education needs to be creative, realistic and innovative

Think contemporary job portfolios and naturally, management education comes to mind. Known by different names like Business Administration, whether for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, the essentials are so much the same except in greater depth and detail. Specializations like finance, marketing, HR or Healthcare point towards certain particular areas of expertise and they are all expanding rapidly. Specializations are bound to grow in spectacular dimensions because human existence depends upon them. How can the world live without agriculture, supply chain management, and rural management, among several others? The best…

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The IIM inspiration influences the entire management program | PGDM Colleges in Delhi NCR

PGDM Colleges in Delhi NCR Inspiration comes when you decide to walk the campuses of major b-schools in India and abroad. The atmosphere itself speaks of dynamic achievement where students fought their management battles. The infrastructure that comprises the learned faculty and the information systems, lecture halls and libraries among others had a role to play. Everything needs to be up to date and spick and span. Management students are usually boarders and so it is a 24-hour experience of being exposed to a management expert creation machine. It is…

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