Merger of two great institutions the IMM and FOSTIIMA Business School, leads to a convergence of strengths, of initiative and resolve to enhance Quality Management Education Standards and Service Levels to obtain very superior learning outcomes.
Dr. Gaganjit Singh Dr. Gaganjit Singh Executive President IMM

After the death of Dr. Jagjit Singh, his son Dr. Gaganjit Singh and his daughter Mrs. Molijit Lall are following his footsteps.

(Late)Dr. Jagjit Singh (Late)Dr. Jagjit Singh Founder IMM (1932-2013)

The intellectual legacy of Dr. Jagjit Singh - a pioneering Fulbright Fellow- in Corporate Training Circles since decades is enshrined within the portals of the unique Institution IMM, he established with prescience and infused with creative vitality. Dr. Jagjit Singh devoted his entire life to the service of Student Community and Education and this mission he followed with untiring zeal and total dedication. He inspired a generation of students to develop their full potential.

Mrs. Molijit Lall Mrs. Molijit Lall Registrar IMM

IFBS students shall be exposed to all the multiplicity of learning resources in the heart of Delhi as they will benefit from the legacy of illustrious traditions of IMM and the continuous onsite mentoring by an all IIMA core Faculty.

Great horizons became possible when two institutional excellences combine into a single radiant star! When IIM and FOSTIIMA merged, new dreams came to be accomplished.

Best College for PGDM in Delhi NCR TL Palani Kumar
sunil-kala Sunil Kala
Kamal Sharma Kamal Sharma
Jaithirth (Jerry) Rao Jaithirth (Jerry) Rao
Anil Somani Anil Somani
Rajesh Kaura Rajesh Kaura
Ranjan Sanghi Ranjan Sanghi

(All Seven Alumni of 1973 Batch of IIM Ahmedabad)

Best PGDM institute in Delhi
The acronym FOSTIIMA represents Friends of Seventy-Three of IIM Ahmedabad. Together, we will go a long way. A business world is what the present day is all about and IFBS Business school will light up the complex path to corporate success. The amalgamation of institutions combines rare traditions to create outstanding management executives.
Setting off on the management journey from day one, it is a gradual unfolding of theories and processes with every learning resource in place. Understand why the business world is what it is. What does it take to succeed?

Personalities and cultures, mutual give and take, philosophies and goals pleasantly combine to forge unique identities. While everybody is different, the mission is the same and such a coming together helps realize that. It is gradually time to get dynamic and aim for a sharp understanding of business skills. The study is not the end but the beginning of a career story. When it is time to stand among the professionals, there would be no space for pgdm institute in new delhi ncr

Each day at IMM-FOSTIIMA is a tribute to those seven founders who made it all possible. If students dream today and succeed tomorrow, credit should go entirely to them and their ennobling vision. Students are bits of clay that can be molded in several directions. In the IFBS world, we put you in harmony with a dynamic world that nurtures teamwork, recognizes merit and maintains steady values. While it is a world of technology, human values remain firm as ever.

The impact of those noble founders is felt in every brick, every inch of this educational fortress. They combined rich experiences to install a buzzing world of lectures, learning software, workshops, and seminars. A joint responsibility ensures that students lead productive lives. Worthy and fulfilling placements with major global organizations became possible through their networks and connections. We assure of the present and future successes to lead productive and challenging lives.

The Indian Institute of Ahmedabad inspiration

IFBS Business school owes its existence and inspiration to IIM, Ahmedabad! Their standards have become our guiding philosophies. The adventure commenced in 2007 and has never paused for a dramatic decade. Students model themselves on alumni now placed in prestigious positions.

Institutional ambiance matters besides all the facilities that are made possible through expert and dedicated faculty and superior curriculums. A progressive student culture with all the facilities in place makes for a great institution.

A corporate culture is what management expertise implies and the Delhi surroundings bring a taste of that, surrounded as we are by renowned universities and institutes. Imbibe the best of the IIT and IIM traditions where the faculty had their roots. Besides, corporate identities at the international level with MNCs put them ahead in the race. Sharing of their valuable experiences across three decades would give students a head start in their own vision of finding a firm management footing.